Start Me ft. Von Miller

No sé si han visto el comercial que protagoniza el apoyador estrella de los Denver Broncos para el Madden NFL 17 de la consola XBOX.
Es una parodia del tema “Sorry” de Justin Bieber, si no lo han visto se lo recomiendo.
Aquí les dejo la letra en inglés
 (Just start me.)
Rushing the passer and tackling dudes are some strengths of mine.
Build your game strategy around me ‘cause my rating is ninety-nine.
Fill that spot for LB just by calling on me and we both can shine
‘Cause I just need one more shot to be MVP
We can win so I’m saying start me. (let’s do this.)
Stop all plays just using my body. (When I’m on your Madden team)
Change your roster up and just start me.
Opponents never gonna make first downs.
Try and try they won’t gain no ground.
Just start me.
Just start me.

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